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OPEC Meeting in Algeria Will discuss ways on how to stabilize the Oil Market—Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia will work with OPEC and non-OPEC members to help stabilize oil markets, it said on Thursday a month ahead of an informal meeting of major producing…

Tanzania Energy Minister Says gas Industry will be an “economic revolution” for the Country

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Tanzania and its oil industry partners are to invest $30bn in a gas processing plant that will lead to an “economic revolution”, according to the country’s energy minister….

Employment in oil and Gas production across the world has declined by 26Pct due to Price Fall—Report

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Data obtained from the United States, US, Energy Information Administration, EIA, has put the continued decline of employment in the oil and natural gas production across the world…

The Uganda-Tanzania Oil Pipeline Route: Current Project Status and Proposed Route

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Following the decision by the government of Uganda to route is crude oil southwards to Tanzania’s Northeastern Port of Tanga, both governments pledged to expedite the project and…

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Uganda Cabinet Endorse Issuance of Oil Production Licences to French Giant Total

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The government of Uganda approved a ministerial request to issue Oil Production Licences to French Giant Total Uganda oil has learnt. According to a cabinet communique, government approved…

Three Nigerian Companies, One Australian Selected as Competent for Uganda Oil Exploration licensing round

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Uganda has picked three Nigerian companies and one from Australia for its oil exploration licensing round, inviting them to negotiate for production sharing agreements, it said on Monday….

Ingenious Varieties Of Finance Companies AND Personal Orders

Ingenious Varieties Of Finance Companies AND Personal Orders The on-going topic for the link between economic creativity continues to be brought on by your the latest happenings in…

Local Leaders in Uganda Oil region wants Government to Regulate Waste Disposal and Land Acquisation

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Local leaders in Uganda’s Oil-rich region urged government to regulate land acquisition and oil waste disposal in the Albertine graben to prevent exploitation, local media reported. The call…

Tanzania Energy Minister Says DR Congo and Burundi Want to Join Uganda Pipeline Project

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Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Burundi expressed interest to join the Uganda-Tanzania Oil Pipeline project, a Tanzanian official said Tanzania Minister for Energy and Minerals, Prof Sospeter…