Uganda’s Oil only Benefiting the Rich Few-MP Thomas Tayebwa

During a session in which the House Committee on Natural Resources questioning officials from Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU) yesterday, Tayebwa said that the sector is met to be for Ugandan but it is absurd that only the rich are included.
“But you have a very big task of ownership by Ugandans. When you walk around, you will find a few people – even when we are here fighting for local content – are going to benefit from this sector. And it is rich and connected. We are concerned,” he said.At least $873 million (Shs3.3 trillion) of the $3.318 billion (Shs12.6 trillion) invested in Uganda’s petroleum subsector over the last nine years went to 1, 000 Ugandan entities.

According to the PAU’s director of exploration, Dozith Abeinomugisha, Ugandans have provided civil works and environment consultancy as well as other minor services but the challenge is to identify potentials among Ugandans.

“The main objective of NSD is to ensure that government is aware of the experience and capabilities of qualified Ugandans and foreign companies in the petroleum subsector,” he said.


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