PPDA wants a share of 30 per cent oil contracts given to Ugandans

According to Mr Benson Turamye, the acting PPDA executive director, the guidelines of 30 per cent of contract value works being subcontracted to local companies already apply to procurements by government ministries, departments and agencies, but procurement tenders in the oil industry are not necessarily subjected to the same.

Turamye, while at an oil and gas workshop co-convened by the Office of the Auditor General, Inspectorate of Government, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, and German development agency (GIZ), said that even under such circumstances when international contractors are given the contracts, there should be a deliberate attempt to enforce them to sub-contract or pair up with local contractors to boost their capacity in the otherwise complex fields.

“Even when you go international, there should be endeavour to enforce or ensure national involvement to the extent of 30 per cent.”

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