Ten companies selected for Techstars Energy Accelerator

Ten(10) class of global start-up companies have been selected  to participate in the Techstars Energy Accelerator.

The announcement was made by Equinor has officially announced the inaugural selected

The selection was picked hundreds of applicants across 38 countries.

The ten listed companies

  1. Ampaire, USA. Ampaire is making flying accessible to more people from more airports by building electric aircraft that are greener, quieter, and less costly to operate.
  2. Crux OCM, Canada. Crux OCM utilizes AI and real-time optimization to enable semi-autonomous operation of pipelines, reducing the risk of operation and increasing volumetric throughput up to 4%.
  3. DeepStream, UK. The tech enabled tendering and supplier pre-qualification platform for oil & gas businesses.
  4. Interface Fluidics, Canada. Interface Fluidics’ proprietary nanofluidic platform provides rapid lab testing that empowers the energy industry to understand how their chemicals perform, 100x faster and with more detail.
  5. Opus 12, USA. Converting CO2 into fuel and valuable products, the technology will contain the CO2 converting power of 37.000 trees in the volume of a suitcase.
  6. RatedPower, Spain. RatedPower provides pvDesign, a cloud-based software to design large-scale solar power plants worldwide, in just a few minutes.
  7. SafeEx, Denmark. SafeEx’s software digitizes inspection and maintenance and saves their customers 25-40% on manpower.
  8. Sensytec, USA. Sensytec is developing a smart cement technology based on a proprietary additive to help companies enhance cement integrity by monitoring cement conditions near real-time.
  9. Versor, Norway. Versor makes drone autonomy software for end-to-end infrastructure inspections, enabling AI-driven data capture and automatic fault detection across industrial applications.
  10. Voyager, USA. Voyager is a cloud-based data hub helping the commodity shipping industry enhance decision making, automate processes and connect systems

They will seek to accelerate their development through an intensive 13-week program, tapping into a global network of experts from Equinor and Techstars as well as the partnering companies KONGSBERG and McKinsey & Company.

“We are excited and privileged to welcome these companies to the first Techstars Energy accelerator. We in Equinor are proud of our technology leadership in the energy sector. But we also recognize that the pace of innovation is speeding up. Energy sources and markets are transforming – becoming smarter, cheaper and cleaner. That is why we look forward to learning from the best, brightest and boldest to test new ideas and find new solutions to the world’s energy needs,” says Al Cook, Equinor’s executive vice president for Global Strategy & Business Development.

The selected companies represent solutions within oil and gas, new business models, digitalisation and renewables. At the end of the program in December, they will present their solutions to Equinor, the partners and other potential investors at a Demo Day.


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