Ugandans might miss out on the Fruits of the Oil sector due to lack of skills

According to Honey Malinga, the director of the Directorate of Petroleum, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development,the industry experiences many challenges towards local content and skills development.

Uganda needs over 25,000 qualified workers, craftsmen and technicians to exploit oil and precious minerals(New vision 27 August 2018)

“Shortage of skilled workforce, lack of data on existing skills and how these relate to the current demand in the sector, lack of communication on the details of jobs available in the industry and the required qualifications stagnates the sector. Through the Petroleum Authority of Uganda, the National Talent Register is being developed,” Malinga said.
Over 220 artisans received international certification in welding, fabrication and pipework, electrical engineering, scaffolding erection and inspection at the graduation.
Fr Joseph Bigirwa, the director of St Simon Peters Vocational Training Centre encouraged the graduates to pursue self-development relentlessly as a multi-dimensional concept encompassing spoken languages, mental perseverance, events organisation skills and physical elements.
“Strive to develop to international standards. Acquire new forms of knowledge and move society for the indefinite future,” Bigirwa said.


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