Uganda Government blacklists 45 Petrol stations over fake fuel

Over 45 fuel station have been listed for by the Energy ministry and Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) closure over selling fake fuel.

A report from the Rev Frank Tukwasibwe, the commissioner of Petroleum Supply Department in the Energy ministry stated that the affected fuel stations failed the quarterly fuel marking exercise that differentiates adulterated from unadulterated fuel.

“For the licensed stations, the concerned companies were/are to be issued with a default notice as per the Petroleum Supply (General) Regulations. The stations will be unsealed upon furnishing the commissioner with satisfactory remedial actions taken and a written undertaking of not committing such a default in the remaining period of their petroleum licence,” the letter read in part.

All the filling stations listed there-in are to stay closed until all issues are sorted with the ministry.

Some of the fuel stations blacklisted included Bolts Kireka Kamuli (Kampala), M-Oil Kinawa (Wakiso), Bong Oils Mafubira (Jinja), Kana Oils Masajja (Kampala), Explora Energy Katosi (Mukono), and Geoil Kanyanya (Kampala).

Most affected districts included;  Kampala, Gulu, Kabale, Wakiso, Mukobo, Luwero, Jinja, and Kayunga, with Wakiso topping blacklisted filling stations.

The fuel marking exercise was introduced in Uganda in 1999 by the Energy ministry in collaboration with fuel marketing companies.


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