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Civil Society groups appeal to UNESCO, Uganda and DR Congo to Stop licensing Oil Exploration works in Virunga national Park

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Over 60 environmental and tourism groups called on UNESCO and the governments of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo to reach a deal to stop new oil…

Expert; How East Africa is paving way in the spotlight and changing Africa’s Oil map

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By Thangapandian Srinivasalu Africa produced 8.2m b/d of crude last year – 76% came from Nigeria, Algeria, Egypt and Angola, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (PWC) 2015 Africa Oil &…

Iran Determined to raise Oil output as Sanctions are lifted

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From Agencies… Iran is determined to raise its oil output as planned as soon as sanctions on its oil industry are lifted, Mehdi Asali, its representative to the…

IMF predicts higher Economic growth rate for Mozambique from new Gas discoveries

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By Agencies… The International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicts that Mozambique’s average growth rate during the first half of the next decade could reach the staggering figure of 24…

Opinion: The Fall of Oil prices is an alarm Government of Uganda should not Ignore.

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By Adellah Agaba Oil production is set to begin in 2017 and this has generated anxiety and expectations which are already a threat to peace in the country,…

Solo Oil Signs Gas Sharing Agreement with Tanzania

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UK based Solo Oil announced that it has signed the fully termed Kiliwani North Gas Sales Agreement (GSA) with Tanzania which took effect on December 31, 2015. Solo Oil said…

Analysis: Will Kenya be a Rule-Maker or rule-taker in the ‘uncertain’ Crude oil Business?

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By Hez Gikang’a  The big economic and financial news of 2016 is the complete rout of crude oil benchmark prices after prices hit an all-time decade low of…

We reset Business plan in 2015 to deal with market challenges—Tullow Oil

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Tullow Oil Plc says it was prompted to reset the business in order to deal with the effects of the uncertain market situations as it labored deliver on…

South Sudan seeks to renegotiate Crude Transportation Charge with Khartoum

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South Sudan has asked immediate neighbor Khartoum to lift the lease of crude oil transportation facilities and cost due to danger posted by current market prices. South Sudanese…

Kenya government approves Africa oil—Mearsk farmout

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The government of Kenya has approved the recently announced farmout between giants Africa Oil and Danish giant  Maersk. The two firms entered a deal to acquire 50 percent stake in…