Israel firm seeks to boost water treatment in Albertine Graben

Whereas Uganda is blessed with relatively enough water a lot of that water needs purification. But soon that will no longer be a worry, at least for the folk in the Albertine Graben since Bolton International an Isreali firm is partnering with other international firms to boost the water quality in the region.

51.5 % of the rural population in the Albertine Graben lives in absolute poverty with 90% of the households relying on forest resources for fuel wood. Experts have observed that the demand for renewable energy and clean water in the area whose annual population growth is 5.2% is likely to increase dramatically in the near future.

53% of the households in the Albertine region are using water collected from springs and streams, there is need to have increased purified and clean water in the region.

The chairman of Bolton International Zeef Shiff says with the discovery of oil in the Albertine region, demand for purified water will increase and it is that increased demand that his company hopes to satisfy.  Read full story here

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