Uganda Oil sector: Technology delays exploration and recovery works

Exploration works on Kaiso-Tonya Oil well in Hoima District. PHOTO BY DAILY MONITOR

Exploration works on Kaiso-Tonya Oil well in Hoima District. PHOTO BY DAILY MONITOR

The lack of sufficient technology is the major obstacle to the Exploration and Recovery exercise of Uganda’s Oil reserves in the Albertine graben.

Bukenya Matovu, the head of communications at Uganda’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development said in a meeting with Leaders from the Western District of Kabarole on Thursday. 

Matovu said the Ministry is facing difficulties in carrying out exploration works on prospective Oil wells in Ntoroko district following the revelation by Oil Onsite teams that the hydrocarbon reserves are contaminated with carbon dioxide which is highly flammable causing fear of fire explosions.

“Carbondioxide causes explosion and is flammable and when the Ministry is not well prepared, it may cause fire explosions in Ntoroko and this calls for more preparations,” He said.

According to exploration and oil recovery experts, the contamination requires advanced technology to have such wells explored.

Matovu said that about 6.5 billion barrels of oil have been discovered, but the low technology has rendered only 1.7 billion recoverable. He expressed optimism  government is taking measure to ensure full recovery and extraction of all national wells.

On compensation of Project Affected Persons in the oil refinery project, Matovu said a plan by government is underway to clear the anomalies so as to expedite the project which will produce 30,000 barrels of oil per day in the first phase, 60,000 in the subsequent phase and 120, 000 in the last phase ceteris paribus.

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