Total embarks on comprehensive resettlement plan in Albertine Graben

Total in conjunction with Tullow Uganda Operations PTY Ltd have issued an invitation to contractors to carry out a comprehensive Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) for the oil and gas development project in Nwoya, Buliisa, Masindi, and Hoima districts in the Lake Albert Basin.

Total is the operator of Exploration Area 1 and 1A in Uganda and Tullow Operations PTY Ltd is the operator of Exploration Area

The tender includes the development of surface facilities as well as the RAP.

The scope of the work for the surface facilities covers the construction of a Central Processing Facility (CPF), a gathering network and well pads together with the eventual oil feeder pipeline and associated supporting infrastructure (base camps and operations support among others).

The RAP services include, but are not limited to the preparatory work and scoping report for the project.

It also calls for a specific stakeholder engagement plan to prepare the RAP and socio-economic and land asset survey reports for the affected areas.

The RAP is scheduled to commence in early-2015 and should comply with Ugandan legal and regulatory requirements and international best practices, including International Finance Corp. Performance Standards.

The partners therefore seek for companies that have RAP experience inside Uganda, Africa, or other emerging markets.

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