Oil opportunities continue to elude job-hungry Ugandans

The Petroleum (Exploration, Production and Development) Act, 2013, which became effective in April this year, was supposed to set the momentum for the growth of local content. However, it is doubtable whether the law will be able to effectively achieve its end.

The Act compels oil companies to employ Ugandans if they qualify for the available jobs and mandates oil companies to plan for technology and skills transfers. But what is on the ground is a story of Ugandans allegedly being sidelined in the grant of oil jobs and accusations that oil companies are paying lip service to the whole idea of local content.

But even then Bukenya Matovu, the spokesperson for the ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, cautions that though the petroleum industry presents new employment opportunities for Ugandans, the public has to play a role and acquire the necessary skills in order to be absorbed within the sector. Find more here.

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