Museveni wants a joint Oil Pool for EAC

Museveni has asked the five countries of the East African community to pool regional natural resources for the purpose of catapulting the EAC into the league of industrialised countries by 2063.


“If we use our bumper natural resources jointly and wisely, our countries will be joining the ‘First World’ ranks in five decades from now,” President Yoweri Museveni, the Chairman of the Summit of the East African Heads of State recently told colleagues in Arusha.


“If we can link the oil reserves in Uganda with gas resources in Tanzania and Kenya plus other natural wealth found in other East African member states of Rwanda and Burundi, our countries will no longer have to import fuel. But instead export the commodities,” Museveni said at Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge in Meru. Here is the story as reported

EAC ponders joint oil pool


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