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Welcome to Uganda Oil, Gas & Petroleum, your comprehensive source of news, information and analysis about Uganda’s oil industry. We present you all the major news, information, data and analysis including all the documents they don’t want you to access. We know the companies and the public need accurate and comprehensive information to make the oil industry work for the country and business.

Oil drilling in Bulisa by Tullow oil Uganda

As you know, Uganda has confirmed commercially viable oil deposits in the mid western part of the country. Oil exploration has been ongoing since 2001 and oil production is expected to begin in a few years. Several oil companies have been and continue to be attracted here to benefit and contribute to the beginning oil industry. There are huge expectations from the oil industry with many Ugandans expecting the revenues to lead to better infrastructure and lives for citizens. The government has put in place an oil and Gas Policy as well as several legislation to guide the operations of the oil sector. A lot studies have been conducted in the oil sector, agreements made, positions reached and many activities are ongoing.

But most of the information and data on the oil sector is not readily available to the public, let alone in an organised and easily accesible form. This website is aimed at availing you all the information you may need about Uganda’s oil, gas and petroleum sector. Should you not find the information you need on this website, ask and we shall be glad to look for and give it to you.

Also, this site is a platform for anyone to contribute any news, information and data you may have so we have a well informed oil industry operations. We expect that companies, government officials and workers in this sector to compliment our journalist’s efforts in availing relevant news, information and data on the oil sector.

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