Uganda production sharing agreements with oil companies

The oil production sharing agreements are here for you to browse in full.

The government of Uganda has signed production sharing agreements with oil companies prospecting and showing interest in production of oil in Uganda.

Oil drilling in western Uganda

The PSAs have been a matter of public concern with many people calling upon the government to make them public, while the government insists that there are confidentiality clauses within the agreements and they cannot be released.

In fact, after a lot of protests, copies of the production sharing agreements were presented in parliament but MPs have to sign an undertaking that they will not reveal the contents before they are allowed to look at the agreements. The MPs also have to be under full watch when reading these documents in the Parliament library to prevent them from copying any material.

Ultimate Media accessed and now can avail the production sharing agreements right here because there is no need to keep such important matters secret. We have been advised that the confidentiality clauses do not hold since the oil companies with which the agreements were signed (Heritage Oil and Gas) lost their license when they failed to apply for a renewal.

The documents are here below while a review of the PSAs and their implications is provided here.

Uganda Oil Production Sharing agreement PART 1

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Uganda Oil Production Sharing Agreement PART 2

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