Uganda Issues Bidding Document for Oil Exploration, Sets deadline to January, 2016

cnoocrigThe Government of Uganda through the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development issued the bidding document to the 16 Qualified Applicants for the licencing round of six blocks.

The bidding and competitive process will close on 15th January 2016 with submission of bids.

The bidding document comprise of Request for Proposal, Model Production Sharing Agreement 2015 (MPSA), Model Confidentiality Agreement for sale of data, Petroleum (Exploration, Development and Production) (Data Sale) Regulations 2014 and Petroleum (Exploration, Development and Production) (Data Sale) (Amendment), Regulations 2015.

Dr. F.A Kabagambe-Kaliisa, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Energy & Mineral Development (MEMD), said the issuance of the bid document marks the commencement of the Request for Proposal stage which entails bidding and competitive process of the licensing round.

Kaliisa further said the ministry will proceed to evaluate the bids, negotiate with successful bidders, sign Production Sharing Agreements and award exploration, development and production licenses thus marking the end of the licensing round.

The six biddable blocks comprise of the Ngassa (410 Km2) in Hoima District, Taitai & Karuka (565 Km2) in Buliisa District, Ngaji (895 Km2) in Rukungiri & Kanungu Districts, Mvule (344 Km2) in Moyo and Yumbe Districts together with Turaco (425 Km2) and Kanywantaba (344 Km2) in Ntoroko District.

The 16 Qualified Applicants are:

1. African Global Resources (JV comprising of Telconet Capital Limited, RT-Global Resources LLC and JSC Tatneft),Russia

2. Petrica Energy AS, Norway

3. Armour Energy Limited, Australia

4. Oranto Petroleum International Limited, Nigeria

5. Tullow Uganda Operations Pty Limited, Ireland

6. Rift Energy Uganda Limited, Canada

7. African Exploration Venture (JV comprising of Rapid Africa Energy Pty Limited and Africa Energy SA Corp), South Africa

8. Niger Delta Petroleum Resources Limited, Nigeria

9. Glint Energy, LLC, USA

10. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Videsh Limited, India

11. SASOL Exploration and Production International Limited, South Africa

12. Brightoil Petroleum (Uganda) Limited, Hong Kong/China

13. Petoil (Uganda) Limited, Turkey

14. Swala Energy (Uganda) Limited, Australia

15. Waltersmith Petroman Oil Limited, Nigeria

16. MDC Oil and Gas Holding Company, LLC, United Arab Emirates

Source: Directorate of Petroleum Uganda


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