Tullow oil to resume Turkana oil operations

Tullow Oil, British Oil Company will continue its oil and gas development activities in Turkana County, the Government has said.

A statement from the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining reveals that the government has reached an agreement with the company, and such includes addressing the grievances that stalled the transportation of the commodity to the coast.

“The Government has resolved to establish a two-tiered system framework that will provide communities living in Turkana County and Tullow Oil with avenues for addressing any emerging issues and concerns,” States the government.

Turkana County Tullow oil fields

Tullow Oil Plc and the Kenyan government have agreed to resume work at Tullow’s oil fields where work to truck crude oil had stopped for more than a month after protests by the community

Some of the issues that the government has set sights to iron encompass insecurity that irked the locals, pushing them to the brink of hampering the execution of the project. 

Thus, the statement from Cabinet Secretary John Mosonik’ office indicates that there is a plan to foster coexistence between the locals and the company. 

“Government of Kenya is committed to foster a harmonious, sustainable, stable and secure operating environment with regard to all operations around the oil, gas and minerals sectors in the Republic of Kenya,” Continues the goverment 

Tullow Oil withdrew from transporting 2,000 barrels of crude oil to the coast and cited harshness by the local community.


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