Oil will only deepen Uganda’s governance crisis- Makerere University Don, Dr. Busingye Kabumba

???????????????????????????????Busingye Kabumba is Lecturer of Law at Makerere University and a Consulting Partner of Development Law Associates. While Presenting a Paper on Oil and the Youth in a workshop organized by the Africa Institute of Energy Governance at Grand Imperial Hotel in December 2014, Kabumba said that Oil is simply a new site of tension, a new demonstration of a bigger governance crisis.

In his insightful presentation, Kabumba challenges the youth to wake up and smell the coffee because according to him Oil will only deepen Uganda’s governance Crisis.

He says that unless we sort the governance crisis and “have an honest conversation on who we are as a country, where we want to go, how we are governed, we are moving together over a cliff.

“We are just a short step away from a Rwanda.”  He insinuates

He says that he has been accused of intellectual sophistry by some government officials for calling Uganda a highly militarized state and asserting that such a trend in governance is a recipe for disaster.

Over the past three years, there have been various debates on whether Oil will be a blessing or a curse to Uganda. Dr. Busingye Kabumba’s take on the subject provides interesting perspectives to the debate, the reason why we should all watch the full video of the presentation here below.

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