Kenya Official says Tanzania had nothing to do in Uganda-Kenya Oil pipeline meeting

Tanzania was not involved in Uganda-Kenya oil pipeline negotiations because the issues discussed were exclusive for the two countries, a Kenyan Official said.

Kenya Presidency Spokesman Manoah Esipisu told reporters in Nairobi that Tanzania was isolated deliberately because it had nothing to do with the issues on the agenda.

“Monday meeting was bilateral. As you know we had also invited oil companies but they did not participate in the bilateral meeting,” he told journalists.

Tanzania as a regional partner and also a budding gas producer ought to have been included the East Africa oil Pipeline talks as the route is destined to create and Oil and Gas market for the region.

A diplomatic row simmers between Tanzania and Kenya over the Oil Pipeline deal

The nation discovered an additional 2.17 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of possible natural gas deposits, raising the east total estimated recoverable natural gas reserves to more than 57 tcf,  in February 2016.

Government of Uganda announced recently that it was considering a decision to have its pipeline southwards to Tanga in Tanzania as opposed to Kenya.

The announcement followed a bilateral meeting between Uganda President Yoweri Museveni and Tanzania Counterpart John Magufuli.

Magufuli later held a talks with the Total President Javier Rielo which after he announced the French giant was willing to Fund the construction of a crude Oil export pipeline from Uganda oil fields to Tanzania.

“Javier Rielo assured President John Magufuli that the company will begin construction of the crude-oil pipeline project from Uganda to the Tanga port as quickly as possible because there is money for the project,” the Tanzania presidency said

Uganda and Kenya agreed to meet again in two weeks after failing to agree on a position of the most economically viable pipeline route for Uganda Oil export.

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