It is a bittersweet experience for Ugandans in the country’s new oil hub

53460Anaka, the small town in the newly created district of Nwoya, the latest to get added to the list of places that harbor some oil wells in Uganda, is starting to bustle with all sort of activity. As the natives of Nwoya will tell you, Anaka was before a little known place, yet now it is attracting people from all walks of life following the recent discovery of oil in the area. Anaka is also the town that accommodates the headquarters of the Nwoya despite its minuscule size.

But while the influx of people to Anaka is in effect boosting business in the town and should be a cause for celebration to the locals, on the contrary it has also been reported that with the same oil companies that have brought new opportunities to the town have failed to effectively manage the way they are dumping their oil wastes. Thus the locals are concerned that dumping of oil wastes in places where they should not be dumped has impacted on their surrounding environment negatively. Read the full story here

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