How to get a job and land opportunities in the Oil and Gas sector

Following the slump in Oil and Gas prices, companies like Tullow Oil have been downsizing and if there is any time when it is hard to get opportunities in the Oil and Gas Sector, then such is the time. However despite the ‘evil times’ in the sector there are still opportunities that exist in the sector and when you think long term, you will realize that the slump in the global oil prices is only a temporary situation and those who will lay their strategies right, they will benefit when more opportunities come up.

Uganda Oil had a chat with Brian Sallery, an expert in the Oil and Gas Industry on how and what Ugandans should do to access the jobs and opportunities in the Oil and Gas sector. In this recorded 6 minute talk Brian Sallery tells us to open our minds up on how to benefit from the Oil and Gas sector. He tells us, for example that the industry will need just a few geologists and that’s in the early stages. There after what the companies will need are business process managers and people with Information Technology Skills who will help these companies handle their businesses when the oil is produced and the databases where they store information respectively.

He says he personally got into the Oil and Gas business because he was interested in computing and the Ugandans who would want to get into the sector but are skilled in other areas can borrow a leaf from his experience. Listen to his chat with Zakaria Tiberindwa to get a deeper for deeper insight on this subject

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