Environmentalists rise against degradation in Albertine Graben

Heritage_prospecrting_oil_In_Hoima-150x1501.jpgActivists, government and politicians that are in charge of environmental dockets in Bunyoro are pushing the government and oil firms into ensuring that the environment is not damaged during oil exploration activities in the Albertine grabben.

According to the World Wide Fund (WWF), the Albertine Rift Valley is Africa’s most diverse eco-region and Uganda’s proven petroleum reserves are located within 70 per cent of its wildlife-protected areas, including Murchison Falls, Semiliki and Queen Elizabeth national parks.


So it is only understandable that environmentalists in the Albertine Graben have, in the recent past been keen on drafting strategies that are aimed at enhancing natural resource management and a closer scrutiny of how the oil activities are impacting the environment in the region. Here is the entire story as reported in the Daily Monitor, Activists worried of damage by oil firms

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