Environment activists ask Uganda Energy Ministry to check sub standard fuel dealers in Oil region

pumpEnvironmentalists in the oil rich western region of Uganda have asked the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development to issue a directive compelling petroleum dealers to relocate fuel stations from congested urban areas.

The region has of recent attracted a number of gas dealers and fuel stations.

Speaking at a conference organised by the ministry of energy and mineral development to sensitize the locals and  stakeholders in the region on the supply standards and regulations of petroleum products in the country, the environmental activists said the mushrooming dealers whose stations are not up to standard post a bigger threat to the environment in which they operate.

Strict regulations according to the activists will reduce the risk of disasters like fire especially in small towns in the region that have registered an influx of people seeking opportunities in the oil and gas sector.

Citing the recent gas station fire in Ghana in which over 150 people died and a series of others in Europe, the activists said the failure to heed to their concerns will prompt the drafting of a petition which shall be presented  to relevant authorities for serious action

In response, the assistant commissioner in the Petroleum Supply Department of Uganda Energy Ministry, John Friday faulted the people for having invaded the gazetted fuel stations and vowed not to have them relocated noting that majority dealers meet the ministry required standards.

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