DR Congo Steps up bid to Join Uganda Oil Pipeline Project, Sends Delegation to Tanzania

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) sent a delegation to Tanzania to negotiate a joint oil exploration deal in lake Tanganyika and also lobby its entry into the Uganda-Tanzania oil pipeline project.

Local media in Tanzania reported that the Congolese delegation is led by oil minister, Aime Mgoi Mukena Lusaduese and has held talks with senior officials on the best way to expedite the deal.

“In yesterday’s schedule, the Congolese minister visited a private oil depot at Raskazoni and thereafter, at Chongoleani area, where a crude oil terminal from Uganda will be situated” Daily News reported.

 Tanzanian media quoted Energy and Minerals minister Prof Sospeter Muhongo saying that on addition to the oil exploration negotiations, DRC was to present a proposal about its intention to use the northeastern port of Tanga as the exit point for their oil, through the East African Community Crude Oil Pipeline.

This follows a meeting of the Joint Pipeline Development Committee (JPDC) and project steering committee from Uganda and Tanzania in which they agreed on the technical and fiscal work plan ahead of the commencement works on the pipeline due next year.

Both nations agreed on the construction of the $4 billion infrastructure in April 2016.

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