Britain’s Tracerco funds Mobile labs to aid instant fluid flow detection onsite

Tracerco Mobile Lab in which tests can be done onsite

Tracerco Mobile Lab in which tests can be done onsite

Popular British company Tracerco has announced capital injection into the new mobile laboratories to boost its reservoir tracer technology to aid instant analytically testing of oil wells on onsite.

Reservoir tracer process entails an examination of an oil well to determine the fluid flow during the oil drilling process

According to the statement from the company, the mobile labs housed in containers are fully equipped with state of the art creativity to give customers rapid sample analysis of field positions thanks to technology

The idea is opposed to the rather perceived traditional method of sending samples off site for analysis prolonging the process.

The Onsite analysis offshore will provide more immediate insight on real time fluid flow, allowing the customer to make better informed decisions on strategies such as well changes or well interventions so helping boost productivity

“Knowledge of subsurface fluid flow provides valuable information to a reservoir field development team during hydrocarbon recovery. This information can be used to ensure effective reservoir displacement to maximize hydrocarbon extraction efficiency” notes an official statement on Tracerco Website.

According to world oil publication, the investment is an opportunity to oil companies to optimize production by reacting quickly to the Tracer Production Lo (TPL) in Inflow, Frac and Interwell.

The development and production designs can be altered to maximize production. It can also help reduce the cost implications of keeping contingency tools on hire such as PLT or coiled tubing equipment.

Watch Video of technology rich Reservoir Tracer Process. Tracerco has invested in mobile labs to complete testing process

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