About EnvironServ, the first Oil waste treatment Plant in Uganda Oil Sector

enviroserv2EnviroServ is a South African based Company, with over three decade experience in providing responsible waste solutions to industrial and commercial clients including Oil and gas and mining companies.

The company which operates permitted hazardous waste disposal sites and incineration facilities and offers expertise in analysis, classification, planning and control of hazardous waste treatment and disposal has been in this business since 1979

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EnviroServ launched the first hazardous waste treatment plant and the first of its kind in Uganda’s Oil region with the objective of providing industrial and hazardous  waste management solutions to Uganda’s Oil industry. The subsidiary is called EnvironServ Uganda.

EnviroServ Uganda Limited is  a joint venture between EnviroServ Waste Management Limited and Green Albertine Limited.

The research team facilitates the development, implementation and operation of process solutions, for the treatment, reduction, recovery, reuse or recycling of waste products and effluent.

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