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Brian Sallery on the future and potential of Uganda’s Oil and Gas Industry

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Brian Sallery is an expert in the Oil and Gas Sector. He is an adviser to the Uganda National Bureau of Standards on Health and Safety Policies in…

How to get a job and land opportunities in the Oil and Gas sector

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Following the slump in Oil and Gas prices, companies like Tullow Oil have been downsizing and if there is any time when it is hard to get opportunities…

Uganda government officials urged to respect citizens’ rights to access information

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When you ask government officials for information on any issue of public concern, the officials usually shrug and sneer as though to give you what is supposed to…

Cultural institutions and the share they got in Uganda’s oil: why Bunyoro should be contented

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If the total worth of Uganda’s oil was to be divided into 100 shares, Bunyoro would be entitled to only less than a share of that worth. Not…

Uganda cabinet approves first open- bid licensing round for Petroleum Exploration

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Cabinet has approved plans to open up six blocks in the Albertine Graben for licensing in the country’s first competitive bidding round. State Minister for Energy, Eng. Simon…

Some quick facts about the oil discoveries and resources in Uganda

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When every one is talking about Oil in Uganda, these facts should be on our finger tips and any person who has interest in this sector may already…