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Watchdog: Nigeria Lost $5.9 Billion from Oil in 2013 due to Theft, vandalism and Irresponsible Gov’t Dealings

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Africa’s largest Oil producer Nigeria lost over $5.9 billion in oil theft and vandalism of major installation and irresponsible secret government dealings, Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative said….

Price Slump opening way for Private Equity firms to Enter Oil industry—Ernst and Young Report

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A recent report by Business Consultants Ernst and Young indicate that Private equity (PE) firms are preparing to invest in global oil and gas sector despite the recent slump…

Tanzania Estimates 8% Stake in Uganda Oil Refinery Would Cost $150.4 Million and is Ready to Invest

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Tanzania has confirmed it is looking to owning about 8 percent stake or more in Uganda’s proposed 60,000 barrels per day refinery project. On addition to the Crude…

Will Brexit Cause a destructive Impact on Uganda’s Oil market Future?

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By Irene Ngabirano… On June 23, the United Kingdom (UK) voted to leave the European Union (EU) in a non-binding advisory referendum, which resulted in the resignation of…

Uganda and Tanzania Say Pipeline Negotiations are Progressing, Project will Start in January 2017

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Uganda and Tanzania announced progress in the negotiations preceding the construction of a Crude Oil Export pipeline from oil-rich Albertine graben to Tanzanian Northeastern port of Tanga. Officials,…

Project in Doubt; Lead Investor of Uganda Oil Refinery RT Global Withdraws from Deal at Negotiation Stage

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The Lead investor of the Uganda oil refinery project, Russian firm RT Global Resources has opted out of the deal during the negotiation process. RT Global resources was…

Here is why Tullow Oil is unlikely to Halt Ghana Oil Production Despite damaged ship

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Tullow Oil is set to announce on Thursday how it will repair a ship that is a hub for its most important oil field, and is likely to…

Huge portion of the designers from educational institutions

Huge portion of the designers from educational institutions In some cases a large portion of the technical engineers from universities, the fools in the practice of their job,…

Why Uganda Oil Pipeline Project May not Start in August as announced by Officials

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The Ugandan and Tanzanian governments are trying to fast-track a $4 billion oil pipeline that would connect landlocked Uganda to foreign markets even though construction won’t start in…

Tanzania Major Gas Operator Solo Oil Plc says State Owned TPDC has agreed to extend Operation Licence for Mtwara

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Solo Oil plc said has successfully completed discussions with the Tanzanian Petroleum Development Corporation (‘TPDC’) to extend operation licence for Mitwara licence of the Ruvuma Production Sharing Agreement…