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Activists want mining companies to prevent abuse of rights in their operations

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The constitution under A.26 guarantees the right to property and provides that no person shall be deprived of their property without prompt and adequate compensation yet some business…

College or university Application form Essay

College or university Application form Essay Importance of the option To post a software essay should be to do a tricky mission of researching your personality. It is…

So Kenya bought a 2.5% stake in Uganda’s Oil refinery but why really?

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Kenya bought 2.5% stake in Uganda’s Oil Refinery and that is supposed to be good news. Indeed it is good news. Actually, Kenya’s decision to get a stake…

Cultural institutions strife: It’s not about monarchies but control over natural resources

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By Muhindo James A day after police made public a plot to poison the King of the Great Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom, Omukama Solomon Iguru Gafabusa, I was astonished…

The slump in global oil prices: was it the wake-up call Uganda needed

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February was a fairly busy month for anyone keen on developments in Uganda’s Oil and Gas sector. Obviously Tullow Oil released its 2014 Full Financial Year Results as…

The oil curse; are Uganda’s youths feeling the pinch?

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The recent activities of Jobless Brotherhood, the National Association of the Unemployed, NRM Poor Youth and the Uganda Youth Liberation Front have caused concerns that Uganda’s youth could become…