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Why Uganda will not benefit from the slump in Global Oil Prices

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When Ugandans query the constant upsurge in oil prices, they are often reminded by fuel dealers  that the global oil price trends largely driven by the Middle East…

UMEC 2015 set to showcase Investment Potential in Uganda’s Mining Sector

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 In 2014, the estimates of discovered oil in Uganda rose from 3.5 Million to 6.5 Million  Barrels. The recent revelation that Uganda was exploring areas like Karamoja and…

A call for consultants to do a feasibility study on enterprise development in the Albertine Region

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Living Earth Uganda, a natural resources and environmental management NGO in Uganda is looking for organizations or individuals, with the experience and skills to undertake a feasibility and…

Prospective CHALLENGES FOR Healthcare Administration

Prospective CHALLENGES FOR Healthcare Administration The medical care industry provides the society with wellbeing solutions that covered but you are not restricted to protective and curative cure, health…

Uganda’s quest for more oil reaches Karamoja

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[googlemap src=”http://” width=”500″ height=”360″ align=”alignleft” ]By Zakaria Tiberindwa and Edward Tumwiine  Uganda’s discovered oil reserves are estimated at 6.5 billion shillings and it is believed that if the…

Ugandan youths told to forget about Oil Jobs

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Forgetting about jobs in a country where 62% of the youths are jobless, is the kind of news that many will resent but a reality that has to…